High Breaks

This page displays the highest breaks across divisions, breaks are ordered from highest to lowest.

Highest Breaks in The Premier League

The Premier League
Player Break Frame Type
Lee Martin 75Singles
Amrik Cheema 74Singles
Colin Randall 61Singles
Lee Martin 61Singles
Clive Short 54Singles
Lee Martin 54Doubles
Colin Randall 53Singles
Keith Matthews 53Doubles
Colin Randall 52Singles
John Tait Jnr 51Singles
Ben Sizer 51Singles
Keith Matthews 51Singles
Tony Sharp 50Singles
Lee Martin 50Singles
Colin Randall 50Singles
Kevin Kelleher 49Doubles
Amrik Cheema 49Singles
Matt Herbert 48Singles
Lee Martin 47Singles
Rob Hughes 45Singles
Steve Bull 44Singles
Ben Trowell 42Singles
Patrick Linyard 41Singles
Mick Quinell 41Singles
Amrik Cheema 40Singles
Mick Quinell 40Singles
Colin Randall 40Doubles
Tony Sharp 40Singles
Tony Martin 38Doubles
Mark Devonshire 38Singles
Lee Martin 38Doubles
Robert Molinari 38Singles
John Tait Jnr 37Singles
Rob Hughes 37Singles
Amrik Cheema 37Singles
Keith Matthews 37Singles
Robert Molinari 36Singles
Lee Hill 35Doubles
Martin Chamberlain 34Singles
Amrik Cheema 34Singles
John Tait 33Singles
Amrik Cheema 32Singles
Kevin Kelleher 32Singles
Martin Chamberlain 32Singles
Craig Mahoney 31Singles
Amrik Cheema 31Singles
Mark Devonshire 31Singles
Steve Bull 31Singles
Ben Sizer 30Singles
Amrik Cheema 30Singles
Ben Sizer 30Singles
Ben Sizer 30Singles
Lee Martin 30Singles
Mark Devonshire 30Doubles
Martin Chamberlain 30Singles

Highest Breaks in Division One

Division One
Player Break Frame Type
Ben Sewell 57Singles
Ben Sewell 49Doubles
Simon Russell 47Singles
Simon Russell 41Singles
Simon Russell 40Singles
Ben Sewell 39Singles
Ben Sewell 38Singles
Philip Broad 37Singles
Ben Sewell 31Singles
Steve Hills 31Singles
Simon Russell 30Doubles