Frequently Asked Quesions

This section of the website will aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Snooker League

Q. What Should we do if we have not got enough players ?

A. You now only need 3 players for a league fixture.
A draw can now be made to see which player plays the Fourth frame.
However, teams with only 3 players MUST be at the venue in time to do the draw and commence the match before the start time.
All official information regarding this can be found on our league rules.
There now will be no postponed games.

Q. What is a free ball ?

A. After a foul, if the cue-ball is snookered (you are unable to hit both extreme edges of any "ball on"), the referee will call a "FREE BALL".
Once called you have the option of making your opponent play the next shot, or taking the "Free Ball" and nominating any ball as your "ball on".
If the "Free Ball" is potted then it is spotted and the value of the "ball on" is scored and your visit continues.